10 Ways YOU Can Save Our Oceans Today

All it takes to save our oceans are small lifestyle adjustments. 🌊 Below are 10 ways you can save our oceans today!

1. Choose not to use plastic. Some of our favorite swaps are cloth produce bags instead of the plastic bags at grocery stores, and forgoing the restaurant straws in favor of reusable straws or no straws at all. (If you’re a creator of plastic-substitute products or have other plastic-avoidant ideas please comment below!)

2. Take two minutes to pick up pieces of trash around you.

3. Choose to throw away that wrapper or stuff it into your pocket/purse until you find a trash can.

4. Add a trash bag to your vehicle (paper bag preferred!) to avoid throwing litter out of your car windows.

5. Get a recycle bin for at home. Use a paper shopping bag and simply toss with rest of recyclables into the bin when full.

6. Choose reef-friendly sunscreens without hazardous chemicals (if you’re an ocean-friendly sunscreen brand please comment below to say hello!)

7. Check your spot on the beach, in the woods or at the park after packing up to make sure nothing is left behind before you leave.

8. Teach your little ones how to properly dispose of trash, recyclables, compostables and hazardous waste.

9. Properly dispose of car oil, house paint, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals by bringing them to your local hazardous waster center. We choose to safely store them in a cool, covered space until we’ve gathered a bit, then we run all of them in one batch to the center to save time.

10. Finally, instead of supporting tea brands who don’t support our seas, shop those that do (like FloaTea! 20% of our proceeds go to Sea Shepherd.)



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