September Beach Clean

HUGE shoutout to everyone who drove down to meet us in Huntington Beach for our September beach clean! We were incredibly happy to meet so many new people. And for those of you who've attended our last beach clean and brought friends, we thank you!

FloaTea September Beach Cleaning Crew

We were wildly surprised by how horribly dirty Huntington was. For a place that regularly hosts popular events like the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing we were astonished at just how much glass, straws, and cigarettes littered the sand. We suppose it makes sense, though, with the mass amounts of people who visit this beach for events and just for a regular weekend, attracted to the "Cali life" surf culture and rows of wonderful shops up on the boardwalk. 

A glowstick found in the sand on Huntington Beach

Cleaning this beach opened our eyes to just how important it is to pick up after big events and to host regular monthly cleans.

What's the dirtiest beach you've been to?

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