About Us

FloaTea was founded by Megan Lee, a third generation Taiwanese daughter of a tea-making family.

Megan Lee was first exposed to tea by her father’s side when she was really young.

Much later, Megan and her husband, Mike, noted the destruction of the marine ecology due to plastics, straws, and overall waste. They decided to use their resources to help save marine life by not only donating to noteworthy conservation groups but by also participating in beach cleans together.

They eventually brought along their two young children to the beach cleans, who now excitedly help to pick up bits of trash with "oh yeahs!" and "look what I found!"

It was through this love of saving our oceans that SAMI, the 3D goldfish tea bag, was born. SAMI stands for "Saving Animals Making Impact" and is 100% handmade from recyclable materials.

Saving Animals, Making Impact

An added bonus: for every SAMI product purchased, FloaTea donates 20% of its proceeds to Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up our oceans and fighting for our ocean friends.